Abrasive Base

 Why if your court is lay down on an abrasive surface, Planet Shuffleboard recommend court #1 or court #2 ?


Courts with a red surface on each side have a stopper that prevent discs from going out of the court.                                                                       

The stopper prevents players from leaving the court to get their discs off the platform. Security is always a good thing to consider.

The stopper ensures perfect sliding quality because your discs do not scratch on plastic.

This surface is 2′ wide for court #1 and 1′ wide for court #2.

With 2′, there is less risk that discs bounce in the point area. These 2 models are required on an abrasive base like cement, pavers, and asphalt.

Clients are worried about players tripping on the stopper. That is why we ship four feet of yellow border to place in the middle of the court for entrances. In the middle, discs never leave the court.

See some examples below.

Bad Installation

Here is the conversation between the customers that bought the courts below after a while.

They called and said, “The players are complaining that your court is not good; it does not slide well like at the beginning.”

My answer to them is: “It is not the court, but your discs.” They are damaged because they scratch when they leave the plastic area and slide on the abrasive surface surrounding the court.

You needed a #1 or a #2, but you said, “Players will just push harder.”

My answer was that customers are always right. You can also buy new discs from time to time, but be aware that damaged discs will also damage your plastic surface.