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Shuffleboard court videos

Invest less than 5 minutes watching these videos and make a wise choice when choosing your plastic shuffleboard court.

1-Why a plastic

shuffleboard court?

It is the smartest alternative to conventional cement court.

Watch this video and you will be convinced

This video is only 40 seconds

2-Easy indoor/ outdoor assembly

See by yourself:

the easy assembly

the smooth sliding ability

This video is only 1.40 minute


    3-Easy disassembly

     The court can be disassembly by any combination of square foot 2’x3′, 3’x3′, 3’x6′.

    Bigger are your sheets, faster it will be to store. Find out how long it will take you to disassembly your court according to its size.

    This video is only 1.03 minute

    4-Wood or cement as a base, do you still hesitate?

    Many handy customers can build a wooden deck. It is easier to put it back level if frost or compaction happen. Cement is also an option, but remember you need to protect your discs from scratching.

     This video is only 1.37 minutes

    5-Your white stopper is also easy to assembly

    See how easy it is to install your dowells to fix your white strips.

    Note that the holes are not made in advance. You must nail your dowells by breaking the diagonal.

    This video is 33 seconds

    6-I am the owner of Planet Shuffleboard since 1993

    In this video, you see me

    Gaétan Gilbert working

    in the factory.

    This video is only 19 seconds