Planet Shuffleboard Compacted Court No2-7'x42'A

#2 Court, 4/5 compact This court is similar to court #1 but has a 1 ft. walkway instead of 2 ft. It is a 5’ x 32’ court with 2 shooting sections each measuring 5’ x 5’ and a 1 ft. walkway on both sides. The perimeter has a white stripe that keeps the disks in the plastic area.

Shuffleboard features

  • You have a very nice court.
  • The disks never leave the plastic area (you don’t have to go chasing after your disks ).
  • The disks stay new because they don’t get scratched underneath like they would on a concrete court.


  • Requires a 7′ x 42′ level area.
  • Court #2 has 160 green tiles for the court itself.
  • Court #2 has 134 red tiles for the surrounding area.
  • Court #2 has 98 linear feet of white stripe around the perimeter to stop disks.

Reference:    #2
Size, Capacity:    7′ x 42′
Weight:    250 lbs.
Manufactured by:   Planet Shuffleboard